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About Us

The Supplier Quality Organization within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies aims to build strong collaborative relationships with our suppliers, both existing and new. We rely on thousands of suppliers to provide the components, products, and services that the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies need to manufacture products to serve our customers around the world.


Our Approach to Supplier Quality is based on Our Credo and our purpose is to earn the trust of our patients and customers by creating a high performing supply base to reliably enable the delivery of high quality products and services.


Supplier Quality Expectations

In order to be considered as a potential supplier or to continue supplying Companies within the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, suppliers must meet the following minimum expectations.

Quality Expectations

The Supplier Quality Organizations within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies expect that Suppliers meet the agreed upon specifications and requirements and that products and components be manufactured from capable process and resources. Suppliers will strive to continuously improve their processes to ensure the highest quality components, product or service sis produced. Suppliers will adhere to the Supplier Quality Processes of the Johnson & Johnson companies that they support.

Regulatory & Compliance Expectations

Suppliers must be compliant to all applicable local and regulatory, safety and labor requirements.