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Supplier Quality Academy

Johnson & Johnson Supplier Quality Academy is a platform focused on providing functional training to suppliers, external manufacturers, distributors and supplier-facing internal J&J employees. The knowledge sharing through the SQ Academy aims to support quality and performance improvement of our business partners, who are an integral part of J&J's end-to-end supply chain.


Supplier Quality Academy offers access to a free, curated set of interactive training modules, most of which can be accessed online. Please take a few minutes to explore our website and learn more about our constantly evolving course catalog. We welcome any feedback you might have.


This website contains information about all the courses we currently offer. However, unless you are a J&J employee or consultant, you will have to register to gain access to the course materials – simply follow the registration links. Once you have been granted access we suggest you start by taking the Doing Business with Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies course to learn more about our company. We hope this material adds value to you and your business.


Happy Learning!