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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Supplier Quality Academy?

A: Johnson & Johnson Supplier Quality Academy is a platform focused on providing functional training to suppliers, external manufacturers, distributors and supplier-facing internal J&J employees.


Q: Why did the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies develop Supplier Quality Academy?

A: Johnson & Johnson Supplier Quality Academy is an attempt to centralize and share the knowledge and experience we have collected with our suppliers, external manufacturers, distributors and our own employees. We believe that this free flow of ideas can not only reinforce our suppliers’ ability to achieve high quality in products and services provided, but also strengthen the partnership between our companies. We recognize that our business partners are an integral part of our own supply chain – this means that quality and performance improvements realized at our business partners are felt all throughout the network.


Q: What is the relationship between SQE2 and Supplier Quality Academy?

A: SQE2 stands for Supplier Quality Excellence in Execution. There are multiple training modules that are part of SQE2. Supplier Quality Academy is a delivery method for SQE2 modules.


Q: What courses are offered in Supplier Quality Academy?

A: To see the courses offered please reference our Available Courses page. Trainings developed and offered through Supplier Quality Academy are meant to increase strategic competencies that could impact the quality of the products produced.


Q: What is SUMMIT and how is it related to Supplier Quality Academy?

A: SUMMIT is the name of the Johnson & Johnson Learning Management System (LMS) that Supplier Quality Academy uses. The courses developed by Supplier Quality Academy are housed in SUMMIT. SUMMIT allows us to control which users have access to our training modules and tracks course completions. Unless you are a J&J employee or consultant, you will have to register to gain access to course materials in SUMMIT – simply follow the registration links.