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Data Integrity
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Course Description:

Data Integrity course consists of three parts. Part 1 provides a general overview of Data Integrity principles. The course defines key terms, provides a historical perspective and current regulatory trends surrounding Data Integrity. Part 1 mentions five common misconceptions regarding Data Integrity, differentiates between the intentional and unintentional breaches of Data Integrity, and explains the consequences of non-compliance. The course describes the “ALCOA principle” which health authorities use in evaluating compliance.

Part 2 provides an in-depth look into Data Integrity principles, focusing on common inspection findings in Warehousing, Manufacturing and Laboratory areas. The course provides real-life case studies and explains how to conduct a deep dive self-assessment to proactively identify potential issues.

Part 3 provides a 12-min video overview of Red Flags and Data Integrity Assessment tools which can be used to proactively uncover potential Data Integrity problem areas. It is only available internally.

Delivery Method: Narrated slides in video format

Duration: Part 1 is 50-min, Part 2 is 20-min, and Part 3 is 12-min long

Class Size: Unlimited

Course Access:


J&J Suppliers
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J&J Employees

Part 1: General Data Integrity

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Part 2: In-Depth Look

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Part 3: Data Integrity Tools

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